Star Wars

Before the premier of “The Force Awakens” I decided to do a recap for not so big fans of this famous franchise. It tells all you need to know about the Star Wars movies: the hero’s journey, the iconic characters, two ways to watch all the previous 6 movies and more.

This project was an opportunity to play every row I know: as a storyteller, I edited how and what was presented for the readers, as visual journalist and UX, I decided the information hierarchy, layout and visual guideline. As an art editor, I split the job between the members of my team and manage the workflow.

This was the first project that I coordinated as a whole: storyteller, journalist, designer, UX, art editor and manager.

Every part of this special content was done inside the art department of a very classic newspaper that was looking forward to modernize itself. It was the first small digital project that we were able to develop while doing other big projects and daily infographics. I’m very proud of it 🙂